Israel Under Siege

The Media Won't Tell Israel's Story. So Now We Have To.


The Victims

These are the stories of just a few of those killed since the attacks began.  Click each image to read their story.

The List

Below is a spreadsheet, graphs, and more, of every single attack that has happened since the terror began.  It is being updated on a consistent basis by a data scientist, and each item is sourced.  Click here to view it in its own page.

What Can You Do?

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Email the editors of the following Media Outlets:

Below is a list of a few select outlets to reach out to.  We recommend you visit Camera.org's website for a full list of media contacts.

Need More Help, Guidance, Or Education?

Contact StandWithUs, the Israel advocacy organization that helped us make our ad and this site possible.

Who Are We?

We who came together to make the ad and this site possible are Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and non-Israelis. 

We are not an organization. We are not a lobby, and there is no big donor directing us. We are the donors.  

831 of us came together to donate our own money towards the ad and the site. 11,000 shared our campaign in solidarity.

We do not claim to have all the answers. Nor do we argue that this is a simple problem. Israel is not a perfect nation, and we grieve for the loss of innocent life on all sides.

We ask for one thing: that Israel's story be reported accurately. A month-long wave of terror against Israel should be given as much coverage as any of Israel's retaliations.


Our Story

Read about our campiagn in the Jerusalem Post


The Campaign